Core Values and Culture


Our Client Commitment Statement

DNA Analytical supports our clients’ success by providing excellence and consistency in our delivery of services, by sharing knowledge, and by developing progressive laboratory technology.


Our Mission

Through our affiliation with Laboratory Partners who consistently offer cutting edge Molecular and DNA laboratory testing, service, education, and research, DNA Analytical’s mission is to continually improve  information available to doctors and patients by having available the most recent state of the art Molecular and DNA testing technology and Human Resources to support the delivery of accurate easy to understand reports for the most current and sophisticated Laboratory tests that are intended to improve the quality of every person’s life who has a DNA or Molecular Test.


Our Vision

As the most responsive source of current world class information and reports, DNA Analytical’s Laboratory partners will be the reference laboratory’s of choice for cutting edge Molecular and DNA testing.


Our Why Statement

DNA Analytical believes in collaborating, sharing knowledge, and contributing to laboratory medicine in ways that provide the best services, information and information value for the patient. Together with our Laboratory partners and our clients DNA Analytical will strive to improve patient care today and in the future.

Patients. Reports. Results.

A laboratory test is more than a number; it’s a information impacting a person’s health, life and future, a report and a tool to aid physicians to make accurate & useful diagnosis of patient’s medical conditions.