PGx (Pharmacogenetics) 


This test covers 20 therapeutic areas and over 310 medical conditions by examining 200 variants of over 50 key genes and 300 drugs.


For Your Patients – The test is simple and non-invasive. No needles. No blood to be drawn. Just 2 buccal cheek swabs or a saliva sample. There are no out-of-pockets costs for those with Medicare, TriCare, and with many commercial insurance providers.

For You – You can order these tests with confidence. The laboratories performing the tests are FDA registered, certified by CLIA, accredited by the American College of Pathologists, and are HIPA compliant. The laboratory form to initiate the test only takes minutes and we provided all supplies and shipping necessary.

The Reports – are sent directly to you. They highlight information to make more informed treatment decisions including whether it is important to consider alternative dosages or medication.

“Increasingly, the Paradigm is shifting to real-world pragmatic studies that focus on patient-level benefits”

Pharmacogentics (PGx), the role of genetic variation on response to a drug, is at the forefront of that paradigm shift.


 6th century BC – Pythagoras first recorded what is arguably an example of the effect of genetic variation when he observed that some people ate fava beans and got quite ill, while others had no negative effects whatsoever.

Early 1900s – A. E. Garrod recognized that upon administering sulphonal, some, but not all, patients developed porphyria

1940s – William Boyd theorized that genetic difference were the reason why native Britons almost never developed hemolytic anemia after eating fava beans.

1957 – Motulsky suggested that differences in drug efficacy as well as ADRs were at least partially attributable to genetic difference

1959 – Frederich Vogel coined the word “Pharmacogeneitcs”

DNA Analytical Services tests are performed in CLIA Certified Labs on Illumina Next Generation (NGS) sequencing equipment known for its reliability and accuracy.  In independent studies the Illumina platform has an extremely accurate Quality rating of between 99.9% and 99.99% accurate.