Side Effects Gone   

   My son was diagnosed with ADHD and he has tried multiple drugs with no success. The doctor continued to increase his dosage and the side effects were awful.  I decided to get the PGx test and I can't believe the difference. I would recommend this test to anyone who feels that their medication is not working"   Linda F

Pain Medications not working

    My pain medications were not working. The genetic test showed that I am a poor metabolizer and I was not taking the best medicine for me.  Now I know what medication will work for me. I highly recommend this test for everyone.   Jay K

I am much better

  I developed myalgia from taking simvastatin which mostly affected the muscles of my hands and joints. It was progressively getting worse and limited my daily activity. The DNA test showed that I should "consider Alternative" so I switched to Lipitor and I am much better.  Mike M

I almost died

I was taking medicine after a successful heart operation but I was getting sicker and sicker. I was nauseated. My vision was blurred. And I looked like death.

   The DNA test showed that I was not able to metabolize the medicine and that drugs had built up in my liver almost causing it to shut down. The new meds are great!   Karen D

Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital Recommends PGx test

    Every child admitted to St. Jude's is offered genetic testing to help predict drug response. The same is true for Cincinnati's Children's Hospital for children with psychiatric problems.